Harumi Nemoto Japanese Babe from Chiba


Harumi Nemoto Japanese Babe. That’s one way to describe this gravure model. She is known as one of the sexiest Japanese celebrities Harumi was born on July 28, 1980. A native of Chiba, Japan, Harumi has also acted in movies. She stands at five feet and five inches tall. Her zodiac sign is Leo. Her most famous movie role was in the TV series called Sui 10 One-Night R&R in 2004. I’ve been following her work for years and she is simply just amazing but I’ll get to that in a moment. I first wrote about Harumi Nemoto back in June 2013. I am writing about her again due to her popularity! Fans of Harumi Nemoto will get a chance to see more of this gravure model. This Japanese babe is like Megumi Furuya in the sense that she is not shy about showing her impressive figure! I would say that Harumi is one of my favorite bikini idols along with Minako Komukai. In 2003, Nemoto did gravure modeling for the famous Sabra Magazine which can be seen in the photos in the box later in this post. This photo of Harumi Nemoto Japanese babe should give you an idea of how good she looks!


harumi nemoto japanese babe
A photo of the face of Japanese babe Harumi Nemoto.

Harumi wrote a letter to the president of the Yellow Cab talent agency and she specifically requested to be a star. The president was really impressed with her body and signed her to a contract. Two years after she put out her last DVD, Harumi put out another DVD called Surf Body. At an event promoting that DVD, Harumi told the press that she intends to continue modeling. As a gravure or bikini idol, she has been compared to fellow gravure idol Hitomi Tanaka. Harumi got a contract with the same talent agency that Aki Kawamura made her debut with. Because of her contract with Yellow Cab, she is sometimes called a “Yellow Cab Girl.”

Harumi Nemoto has also been writing a column since October 2007 in the monthly manga magazine Manga Life.  Harumi Nemoto must not be confused with Harumi Inoue, another Japanese supermodel that is veteran of the Japanese entertainment industry.  I really think that Harumi Inoue has a cuter look while Harumi Nemoto is sexier. But both of them are really pleasing to look at. Harumi Nemoto’s most famous feature is her breasts and overall curvy figure and that she is really hot! Don’t take my word for it, just take a look at her and you’ll see just how sexy she is!

She has a body that would delight any person that is a fan of Japanese gravure idols. Harumi is simply stunning! She is also very sweet and professional during photo shoots. Harumi has an official blog site but it has not been updated since 2008. Harumi definitely gives gravure models such as Miri Hanai some serious competition. In fact, Nemoto has Hanai beat in the looks category! Although I will give credit to Harumi Nemoto for her looks, one of my favorite bikini idols is the lovely Asuka Kishi.

Trivia: Harumi Nemoto Japanese Babe

  • Harumi Nemoto speaks English. She attended high school in Australia.
  • She is a huge surfing enthusiast.
  • She was born in the same part of Japan as Atsuko Maeda.



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