Japanese Gravure Idol Sites For My Fans

Japanese Gravure Idol Sites For My Fans

Here is a page with a few Japanese gravure idol sites. (Note: more may be added in the future.)

yui okada japanese gravure idol and singer
The beautiful Yui Okada of the group V-u-den from 2007. She shows in this photo that she can be as beautiful as any celebrity in the world! Although she is not a gravure idol by the standard definition, Okada has done modeling.

In here is a list of some websites of Japanese Gravure idol sites or bikini Idols sites. This is a big interest of mine so please feel free to browse these sites and enjoy them. You will not regret it.

A few Japanese gravure idol sites (web sites)



This site is a comprehensive site where you can browse information about tons of Japanese gravure idols, make friends and even learn Japanese. I highly recommend this one.

This next link is the Wikipedia entry of a more complete list of Japanese gravure idols.



Below is an example of what a Japanese gravure idol is and what she does. For more information on this, check out my post about what is a Japanese gravure model. The video below shows gravure idol Asuka Kishi from the city of Osaka.


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