Mai Nakagawa Olympic Diver From Tokyo


 Mai Nakagawa: Basic Stats

Mai Nakagawa Profession: Diver

Date of birth: April 7, 1987

Place of birth: Tokyo, Japan


Mai Nakagawa: her career so far

Many people get excited during Olympic competition and other similar events. In these types of events, diving is another exciting sport to watch. One of those divers that participated in such events is Mai Nakagawa. Mai is now 29 years old. A native of Tokyo, Japan, Mai is under the coaching of Masauka Hiroaki when she has competed internationally for Japan. One of the first events that she took part in was the Speedo USA Diving Grand Prix. She got better scores as the tournament went on. From a 10th place finish in the quarterfinal stage in the Women’s platform diving, she finished in 5th place in the semifinal of that same event. But during the synchronized event, she ended with a strong 2nd place finish! In the 2006 Asian Games in Doha, Qatar she earned a silver medal for her efforts during the 10 meter synchronized diving event. This was with partner Misako Yamashita. Note: when this biography was first started, the world had just saw the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. That is the time period that this writer got to know about such athletes as Xue Chen. However, Mai still should get recognition for her beauty as well.


mai nakagawa 2010 diving all japan swimming championships
Mai Nakagawa during the All Japan Swimming Championships in 2010. She is at the Tatsumi International Swimming Pool.

During the 2008 AT & T Diving Grand Prix, she went from an 8th place finish in the quarterfinal round of the Women’s Platform event to a solid 3rd place finish in the semifinals. During the final for that event, she finished in 6th place. In the following year at that same event, Mai finished in 6th place during the Women’s 3 meter Platform diving event in the final after getting a 5th place finish in the previous round. In 2011 during the same event of the last two times, Mai finished in 5th place in the 3 meter springboard diving event during the last round. As far as I know, she did take part in the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. She reached the finals where she finished in 11th place. She did take part in the Women’s 10 meter platform diving event in the preliminary round. She got a 9th place finish. In 2009 during the World Championships in Rome, Italy, Nakagawa finished in 8th place. This time, her partner was Sayaka Shibusawa.

In the 2010 Asian Games in Guangzhou, China, Mai finished in 3rd place in the Women’s 3 meter springboard diving event winning a bronze medal.

In 2011 during the World Championships in swimming, Mai did not advance to the final round. In the latest news at the time of the writing of this article, the Japan Swimming Federation decided to send Mai Nakagawa to the Summer Olympics in London. Mai ended up with an 11th place finish at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing during the 10 meter diving event. In 2012, she fared better finishing at #6 on her last dive. But as viewers of these games should take note that divers must still qualify for the other later rounds. How did Mai do? On August 8, 2012 during the qualifying round of the Women’s 10 meter platform, Nakagawa got a solid 8th place finish, thus helping her reach the semifinals of that event. However, she finished in only 18th place. In the 21st FINA Diving Grand Prix, Nakagawa earned 218 points and finished in 16th place. It is said that she is still involved with diving looking forward to getting medals at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

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