Singer Miki Fujimoto dresses in a nice winter coat

Singer Miki Fujimoto dresses in a nice winter coat


Singer Miki Fujimoto shows us some interesting fashion sense.

singer miki fujimoto morning musume
Although she is not dressed in a winter coat here, singer Miki Fujimoto 29, still looks as beautiful as ever! Source:

Former Morning Musume singer Miki Fujimoto has always had great fashion sense with her photo shoots in various photo books released throughout her career. These include the really hot bikini pictures from her Real 226 photo book released on February 25, 2005. In January 2011, the singer took her fashion sense to yet another level when she posted a photo of herself on her blog dressed in a jacket that has lots of fur. She tried to show her youthfulness and her solid skin. She is not old by any means being only 29 at the moment but she is a really smart dresser. Fans were very impressed by her jacket saying that she is cute and “way too beautiful.” I will agree with the fans because Miki Fujimoto is one of those Japanese celebrities that are just so beautiful that she makes you want to see even more of her. We are still in winter in many places in the world so bundle up please and have a wonderful day! (At least we were in winter when I first wrote about this a long while ago). Miki Fujimoto (now Shoji) is best known for being a part of the sixth generation of Morning Musume. She was present at an event called Forest for Rest: Satoyama e Ikou. This was an event designed to reinforce the importance of what is called the Satoyama Values. Note: the group’s name is now Morning Musume 16 because we are in 2016. Here, Fujimoto sings the song Amazing Grace!

Author’s note: When I first wrote this information I was still at my old website but this information is still valuable. The one thing that I will say is that if you live in a part of the world that receives snow in the winter time, make sure that you dress properly and that you dress in layers. Much of the discomfort caused by the cold is due to cheap or improper clothes wear. So dress warmly and be safe.


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