Mariko Shinoda store for fashion line Ricori

    Mariko Shinoda store for fashion line Ricori


    Ricori is the fashion line started by now former AKB48 member Mariko Shinoda.

    mariko shinoda bikini
    Mariko Shinoda shows her beauty in this photo while dressed in a bikini although you can’t see it because she has it covered. She is still amazing!

    It was reported back in February 2013 that now former AKB48 member Mariko Shinoda opened up her very first store for her fashion line Ricori. She visited a shop for her fashion line Ricori in her hometown of Fukuoka. Shinoda expressed her joy at realizing a lifelong dream to have a store in her hometown. She said that she was also very happy to now have her own brand. Initially, she had thought that she would only be involved with fashion. But Shinoda also said that she has challenged herself to try acting. She revealed that she is at a stage where she can do different things. Shinoda graduated from AKB48 on July 22, 2013. Mariko was born on March 11, 1986 and she was the captain of AKB48’s Team A before her departure from the group. She was one of the few members to have not been chosen through the audition process. She lists her favorite town as Harajuku. Mariko was also featured in an issue of the Weekly Playboy Magazine just like former AKB48 member Yuka Masuda who appeared in that magazine in 2011.

    mariko shinoda black dress
    Mariko Shinoda is just stunning especially in this black dress. Her elegance and charm is on full display here.

    Rina Koike who turned 20 years old on September 3, also made an appearance in that magazine. But Mariko Shinoda has a beauty and elegance that neither Koike nor Masuda have. To put it simply, Mariko is just beautiful period! Mariko Shinoda is no the only Japanese celebrity to have started her own fashion line. Actress Aya Ueto started her own fashion line called U AYA UETO DRESSES.

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