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Idol Risa Niigaki Photos-Isshun Photobook

Here are some idol Risa Niigaki photos from her 2007 photo book called Isshun. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8u6-4e-PvIQ Isshun was released on May 27, 2007. Wanibooks is the...

Morning Musume 17 Makes Debut

morning musume 16 band photo
The Japanese idol group that was known as Morning Musume 16 in 2016 will now make its debut as the group Morning Musume 17....

Japanese Idol Singer Sayumi Michishige Returns!

japanese idol singer Sayumi Michishige
Japanese idol singer Sayumi Michishige who was the leader of Morning Musume from 2003 through 2014 has announced that she will be resuming her...

Japanese Idol Singer Anna Iriyama of AKB48

Japanese idol singer Anna Iriyama is a member of the famous girl group AKB48 and a member of its Team A. Japanese idol singer Anna...

NGT48, Idol Group From Niigata Prefecture

ngt48 group photo taken in seoul south korea
There is a new Japanese girl group that that has joined AKB48 and all of its other groups. That group is NGT48 (Niigata 48)....