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Aki Takajo Gravure Photo Shoot Young Magazine

Aki Takajo gravure photo shoot is here! The former AKB48, JKT48, and French Kiss member posed in lingerie for Young Magazine back in 2011...

Mizuki Fukumura Mizuki Photo Book Images

mizuki photo book green bikini sexy asian
Mizuki photo book images Mizuki is the first solo photo book released by Morning Musume 17 member Mizuki Fukumura. When I first wrote a biography...

Japanese Idol Natsumi Abe is 36

japanese idol natsumi abe gravure television
Japanese idol Natsumi Abe who is one of my favorite first generation Morning Musume members celebrates her 36th birthday today August 10! Happy Birthday Nacchi!...

Japanese idol Yuka Masuda Is Back!

japanese idol yuka masuda hot
Japanese idol Yuka Masuda is back to work in modeling! Japanese idol Yuka Masuda, the former AKB48 member who resigned in 2012 due to a...

Idol Risa Niigaki Photos-Isshun Photobook

Here are some idol Risa Niigaki photos from her 2007 photo book called Isshun. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8u6-4e-PvIQ Isshun was released on May 27, 2007. Wanibooks is the...