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Acchan Atsuko Maeda Turns 25!

Acchan Atsuko Maeda the singer that won the hearts of so many fans in Japan is now 25 years old! I wrote about Atsuko...

NMB48’s Sayaka Yamamoto Will Hold A Tour

nmb48's sayaka yamamoto stage pic
NMB48's Sayaka Yamamoto, the sexy Japanese idol who celebrated her 23rd birthday on July 14, 2016 will be holding a tour as a solo...

Mizuki Fukumura Mizuki Photo Book Images

mizuki photo book green bikini sexy asian
Mizuki photo book images Mizuki is the first solo photo book released by Morning Musume 17 member Mizuki Fukumura. When I first wrote a biography...

Magazine Live Idol Collection makes its debut in Japan

live idol collection asian idol swimsuits
Japan’s entertainment industry is expanding and evolving even as I write this. A then brand new magazine called Live Idol Collection debuted with its...

Reika Sakurai “Jiyuto Iukoto” Bikini Pics

reika sakurai hot bikini pic sexy idol japanese
Reika Sakurai, member of the girl group Nogizaka46 released her first photo book called "Jiyuto Iukoto" on March 8, 2017. The photos for the...