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Japanese idol Yuka Masuda Is Back!

japanese idol yuka masuda hot
Japanese idol Yuka Masuda is back to work in modeling! Japanese idol Yuka Masuda, the former AKB48 member who resigned in 2012 due to a...

Japanese Idol Natsumi Abe is 36

japanese idol natsumi abe gravure television
Japanese idol Natsumi Abe who is one of my favorite first generation Morning Musume members celebrates her 36th birthday today August 10! Happy Birthday Nacchi!...

Yuna Obata chosen as Center for Igai ni Mango

yuna obata sweet time young animal magazine
Yuna Obata of girl group SKE48 has been chosen as center for the single called Igai ni Mango. This is the 21st major single...

Yuko Oshima Sexy Wedding Dress FLASH Magazine

yuko oshima sexy wedding dress flash magazine
Yuko Oshima sexy wedding dress photo from FLASH Magazine is one of the best photos that I have seen from this former AKB48 idol...

All About Maidreamin, “Maids” That Sing JPOP

maidreamin cafe akihabara
Maidreamin. That’s one of the more unusual band names that I’ve certainly heard of. Maidreamin is a Japanese idol group consisting of members or...