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Atsuko Maeda cover Vogue Girl

Vogue Girl Magazine marks another magazine appearance for Atsuko Maeda. If you thought that you have heard the end of Atsuko Maeda, think again. The...

Magazine Live Idol Collection makes its debut in Japan

live idol collection asian idol swimsuits
Japan’s entertainment industry is expanding and evolving even as I write this. A then brand new magazine called Live Idol Collection debuted with its...

Korean Singer looking hot in Singapore

seo in young 2011 photo
A Korean singer shows us some impressive fashion sense? Who is that Korean singer? Is it Hyori Lee or Boa Kwon. Well the answer...

Kawaei Rina sexy in WP Magazine!

kawaei rina sexy bikini weekly playboy
Kawaei Rina Sexy images from Weekly Playboy Magazine! These Kawaei Rina sexy images from Weekly Playboy will help you see another side of this Japanese...

Masami Nagasawa chosen NATURAL BEAUTY BASIC campaign

masami nagasawa
Masami Nagasawa chosen for NATURAL BEAUTY BASIC CAMPAIGN The Natural Beauty Basic Campaign is another career success for Nagasawa. It seems that wherever she goes,...