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Masami Nagasawa wins award for physical beauty

For all her success so far in her young career, Japanese actress Masami Nagasawa has another reason to celebrate. She won what is called...

Yuka Masuda Weekly Playboy Magazine

yuka masuda weekly playboy magazine bikini pic
Weekly Playboy Magazine featuring the beautiful Yuka Masuda! This Weekly Playboy Magazine photo session features former AKB48 member Yuka Masuda with Ayaka Umeda. As of...

Japanese women wear miniskirts even in winter

Japanese women are known for their excellent fashion sense. But one thing that is really interesting is the popularity of miniskirts. With winter upon...

Magazine Live Idol Collection makes its debut in Japan

live idol collection asian idol swimsuits
Japan’s entertainment industry is expanding and evolving even as I write this. A then brand new magazine called Live Idol Collection debuted with its...

Atsuko Maeda cover Vogue Girl

Vogue Girl Magazine marks another magazine appearance for Atsuko Maeda. If you thought that you have heard the end of Atsuko Maeda, think again. The...